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In the languages of our ancestors, Basque, French, Spanish, Cherokee and English, we welcome you to our family history website. Our research for family history began in 2008 during a trip to the Basque country and continues as we discover new branches and as new resources become available. It's a marvelous journey and this website is intended to document our findings for us and any family and friends who might be interested.

Mitchís family is primarily French Basque (Basse-Navarre or Benafarroa province) and Deloraís family is a combination of Spanish Basque (Vizcaya province), Mexican (Michoacan), Cherokee Indian and various states of the American South. Our genealogy project contains a variety of cultures and interesting eras and we look forward to continuing our search for our ancestors and history.

TNG is a powerful online genealogy database program that allows you to navigate through our family history while looking at dates, events, pictures, documents and maps. Itís a fully interactive experience. Access is open to anyone interested in our family, however, living individuals will only show their names. If you are a family member and wish to have full access to living data, please register for a user name.

Mitch's Musings:

The following articles are intended to provide you with the most recent discoveries and research on our family history. It is similar to a blog and will be updated periodically.

The search for the house of Salarria in Esterencuby (posted 9/8/13)

We were always told that our grandfather, Jean Biscaichipy (who later Americanized his name to John Biscay) was born in the house of Salarria in the village of Esterencuby. We never knew our grandfather as he died suddenly in 1945 leaving our Amatchi Marie a young widow and our mother, Grace was only 17 years old. Amatchi would remarry a few years later and we grew up knowing more about our step-grandfather Domingo than about our natural grandfather. In fact we grew up knowing very little about Jean Biscaichipy and his family.

As I began my search for family history in 2008, I naturally began looking for information on him. When the departmental archives of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques (including the French Basque country) became available online, I searched the records of Esterencuby. Our grandfather was born in 1885 which was within the online records available through 1892 in Esterencuby. I was stumped when I did not find a record of his birth there. I began to remember that my mom said the house of Salarria was way up in the mountains towards Behorleguy. One day, when looking at the records of Lecumberry, something clicked that my mother had once mentioned this village in relation to my grandfatherís birth. Sure enough, I found his birth record in that village, however, instead of being born in Salarria as I was told he was born in the house of Sallaberriborde in Lecumberry. I would later find that his mother Gracianne Urchisteguy was also born in that house and had inherited it.

I was very confused but my assumption was that the family had originally lived in the house of Sallaberriborde (or shortened to Sallaberry on some records) and later moved to the house of Salarria in Esterencuby. I continued to look for the house of Salarria on other records and on maps but was never able to. The location of the house of Salarria and why the family moved was a complete mystery to me. I asked a few people who had knowledge of our family but they did not know. Again the story was always that he was from the house of Salaria but we could not find the house.

Recently following the trip of our cousins, the Nevins to Esterencuby and their chance meeting with Marie Agnes Carricaburu, owner with her husband Michel of the Auberge Carricaburu in Esterencuby, I uncovered some interesting information about a nearby farmhouse to Salarria. I learned from Esterencuby native Charles Lanathoua that Marie Agnes was his niece and that her family was from the house of Eiheraldia. It turned out that her father was Jean Baptiste Biscaichipy (married to one of the Lanathoua brotherís sister) and he was my motherís first cousin. I remembered hearing of that house but never knew how it was spelled. The story was that there were three houses in a row including Salarria which were owned by members of the Biscaichipy family (I could not remember the name of the third house). So armed with the spelling of Eiheraldia, I began looking for that house on the map and hopefully I would find the two other houses nearby.

Using Google maps and other maps, I was able to find the house of Eiheraldia but there was not a house of Salarria next to it. The house next to it was called Sallaberry or Sallaberria. Finally it made sense, the house of Salarria was officially called some derivation of these names or Sallaberriborde on my grandfatherís birth record. The third Biscaichipy house that I could not remember the name of was Etcharnia aka Etchebarnia. I would never have associated these names together. I will need to ask some Basque experts from the area about how they come up with that contraction.

According to the map, these houses are to the far east side of Esterencuby and right along the border with Lecumberry. The actual shape of Lecumberry is similar to an elongated skinny wine decanter with the actual village at the very top which seemed harder to get to than the village center of Esterencuby. So although the jurisdictional area for Salarria might fall in the official boundaries of Lecumberry, it is clear why these houses and their occupants considered themselves part of Esterencuby.

So the next time we go to France, we will finally know where to find some of our Biscaichipy cousins and hopefully learn more about that side of the family. In fact the first place we will visit is our new found 2nd cousin Marie Agnes Carricaburu at the Auberge Carricaburu.

Click here for the Google mapof the houses and a report of the individuals from that house.

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