Our Works:

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to write various articles, histories and memorials.  This page is a compilation of those documents to share with those interested. (Click on title to open .pdf copy)

Historical Articles:

The Forgotten Basque Benedictines of Sacred Heart Abbey (English):                    (Francais #1    #2)         (Euskera #1    #2)

The story of a Basque Benedictine community at Sacred Heart Monastery in Shawnee in Oklahoma and later in Montebello, California. Although largely forgotten by today's Basque community, this group had a profound influence on Basque culture in America from 1880 to 1966. I wrote this article in 2007 and it was originally published in that year's edition of the Journal for Basque Studies in America. In 2009, I submitted it to Euskonews.com who not only published it on their web newsletter but they graciously translated it into Basque and French. The research for this article was begun when I was a young boy listening to my father tell stories about his great uncles who were priests. Gradually over the years I accumulated information about them and this Basque Benedictine community that no one seemed to remember. Writing the article was a great achievement to share this story but I believe there is more about this group and the Basques they served that is archived in various locations. Hopefully more research will be done in the future. Note: Translations were courtesy of euskonews.com

Three Generations of Basque Sheepherders in Buffalo, Wyoming:

My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all sheepherders in Buffalo, Wyoming in the past. This article was written for the program booklet honoring Wyoming sheepherders in 2005 during the Rock Springs, Wyoming NABO Convention. This article captures the experience of Basques who came to the US to make some money with the intent of returning to the Basque country. That happened sometimes but other times the immigrants decided to stay in the US to make a living and raise a family.

Southern California Basque Club's 50th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet Part #1        Part #2      Part #3

In September 1996, the Southern California Basque Club (or the Southern California Eskualdun Club as it was originally known) celebrated it’s 50th anniversary. From a small group of 9 charter members organized by Fr. Charles Espelette, the club has continued to sustain the Basque culture through it’s annual Basque picnic and other social gatherings throughout the year. In 1996, I was the Secretary/Treasurer of the SCBC and had the opportunity to put together a 50th anniversary souvenir booklet. The booklet includes a history of the club, biographies of various members, lists of members, queens and mus winners as well as ads from a variety of businesses and families. I have included a copy of the booklet here for those who are interested in reading the story of this organization. (Due to size limitations, the booklet has been broken up into 3 parts)

El Rancho Elementary School's 50th Anniversary:

In 2001 El Rancho Elementary School in Chino celebrated it's 50th anniversary and I volunteered as a member of the School Site Council to research the history of its founding. The article recounts the struggles of the school district at the time. In 2009 the Chino School Board decided to shut El Rancho along with 2 other elementary schools in the district thereby ending a great history of educating students. Although the school is closed, I hope that it is never forgotten as one of the hidden gems of the Chino school system.

Family & Friend Tributes:

Grace Gariador Eulogy - June 2006 (English):                        (Francais)

This is the eulogy I gave for my mother at her funeral in 2006 and I am still thankful for the many gifts she gave us. The French translation was courtesy of our cousin Coralie Bel.

Adair Satterfield Public Administrator paper - May 2006:

I began my Masters of Public Administration at the beginning of 2006 and one of my early assignments was to write about “The Role of the Public Administrator”. Ironically, this assignment came soon after the sudden death of my brother-in-law Adair Satterfield who had become my role model for being a public administrator.

Marty Bordato Eulogy - March 2008:

Marty was my best friend and I was honored to be asked by his family to deliver this eulogy at his funeral

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